RC-WinTrans 10 supports the localization of the following platforms and file formats:
(Last updated: August 21, 2016)

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation Microsoft Win32 - RC, DLG, DLL, EXE Visual Studio MFC INI Files Microsoft .NET and Borland (RESX, EXE, DLL, TXT, RESOURCES) Files Java Properties Files XML Files Google Android String Resources

Adaptable File Converters
RC-WinTrans makes use of external (not part of the RC-WinTrans application) converters to convert data to / from a given format (format "X") to / from the XLIFF file format. This system makes it possible to support the translation/ localization of various file formats.

Additional file formats can be translated by hooking in a VBA file converter add-on that can read and write a specific format.