RC-WinTrans X8 supports the translation of Java properties files created with Sun Microsystems Java development platforms J2SE/EE/ME. Properties files are used for what are known as resource bundles, which contain locale-specific strings (objects in general).

The image below shows the RC-WinTrans application with the Projects window shown on the left and the Project window shown on the right. The Text Table view (top, right) lists the English source texts and the Japanese translation of the selected Java properties file. The Source File tab view (right, bottom) shows the original contents of the Java source file (the currently selected text is highlighted).

Character Encoding
Properties files generated/used by Sun development platforms are encoded as ASCII with Unicode escape sequences. RC-WinTrans supports the following character encodings for source files (input) and can write target files in the following formats:
  • ASCII with Unicode escape sequences.
  • Unicode (UTF-16).
  • UTF-8.