RC-WinTrans X8 comes with a ready-made file converter for XML files. However, since XML files can have a variety of structures, in many cases an additional converter must be realized in order to support a specific XML file structure. Essentially, the XML file converter needs to know which parts of a certain XML file are to be translated. This information is provided to the XML converter via XSL extended stylesheets. These stylesheets are called XML parsers. An XML parser points out the elements to be translated in an XML file.

RC-WinTrans X8 processes (reads / writes) XML files using an XSL transformation. An XSL stylesheet acts as a parser reading a certain XML file format and specifying which data is to be translated.

Obtaining an XML Parser for a Specific XML File
Please contact Schaudin.com if you need an XML parser file to translate your specific XML format file with RC-WinTrans. You should also send us an example of your XML file(s).