Microdoft .NET

RC-WinTrans X8 supports all files for Microsoft .NET software. The programming languages that can be used are C#, VB, or C++. The following file types, created with either Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Borland .NET, can be localized with RC-WinTrans:

  • RESX (XML resource files)
  • EXE (binary application assembly files)
  • DLL (binary component library assembly files, resource files)
  • RESOURCES (binary resource files)
  • TXT ("string-only" text files)
Forms Viewer and Editor
RC-WinTrans X8 provides a preview for .NET forms. It can be used to review and change the layout of .NET forms. This resource editor renders most of the "standard" .NET controls and indicates the presence of specialized user controls with a formatted placeholder.

External Forms Editor
An external .NET Forms Editor is available for editing the layout and all the localizable properties of a .NET Windows Form. The Editor features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display preview of a .NET Windows Form and commands to edit the properties of the Form and its elements. It also supports .NET techniques for rich .NET design time support including the editing of user-defined types and the use of user-defined editors.

The Editor is equipped to handle nearly all types of .NET Windows Forms controls (standard .NET Forms controls and (third party) custom controls). Its ability to render nearly every kind of control makes it possible to translate while simultaneously controlling the appearance of the translations in context.

Custom Controls
A user control is a specialized control adapted to accommodate individual requirements and various tasks. Such a control may contain some properties that are not known from standard .NET framework controls. Nevertheless all data attributed as "localizable" for such a user control can be read by RC-WinTrans and taken into the translation data file.

Strong-Named- / Delay-Signed / Unsigned Assemblies
Extended support is provided for the reading and writing of strong-named assembly files (EXE/DLL). RC-WinTrans takes note of an assembly's strong name and writes the localized satellite assembly as a delay-signed strong-named assembly, thereby preparing it to be signed at a later time by the signing authority. This entire process is seamless for translators using RC-WinTrans.

Menu Resources
Menu resources can be edited in a menu tree view showing the structure of a selected menu. A menu preview is also available for viewing a translated menu as an actual Windows menu.

Image Resources
Images and icons can be "translated" using your favorite graphics tool(s). RC-WinTrans starts the graphic tool with the source image and imports the created image as the "translated" target image.