Licenses/License Packages

RC-WinTrans Professional Edition
The complete RC-WinTrans software localization environment with full access to all project management, translation, and localization components. Comes with these additional tools:

- Command line commands and editor
- COM API and Microsoft VBA
- Translation Memory add-on (for .sdltm files)

Also included: free general support for minor questions/issues and free software updates as they become available.

RC-WinTrans Translator Edition
When certain project management capabilities aren't required, the Translator Edition offers all the benefits of comprehensive localization support at a more economical purchase price. Used to open and modify an existing translation project created with the RC-WinTrans Professional Edition, its three restrictions on functionality are: (1) new translation projects cannot be created, (2) files cannot be added to or removed from an existing project, and (3) no command line support. All other aspects of the RC-WinTrans software localization environment - displays, editors, checks, etc. - are the same as in the Professional Edition.

Includes free general support for minor questions/issues as well as free software updates as they become available.

Multi-User Licenses/Group Licenses
License package suppplying RC-WinTrans software to multiple users; customizable according to a company's specific needs. We'll work with you to determine which licenses or license combination (RC-WinTrans Professional and/or Translator) and quantity fits best. Other products can be included as well, such as the Machine Translator add-on or RC-WinTrans support packages.

Please contact by email at for an offer or further assistance.

Machine Translator Add-On
Add-on for RC-WinTrans. Separate product with separate installation. Connects to the machine translation services from Google, Microsoft, and DeepL for free. By default, an access key from is used to connect to a machine translation service which operates with an imposed usage limit. For full productivity, customers are expected to acquire and use their own access key(s).

An RC-WinTrans license is required to use the Machine Translator add-on. Free general support and updates are included.

Translation Memory and TM Workbench Add-On

Add-on for RC-WinTrans. Separate product with separate installation. Acts as the connection point between RC-WinTrans and SDL Trados. Extends functionality to work with SDL Trados translation memory files (.sdltm) - create new, access existing, edit and save.

This add-on is free for RC-WinTans 12 license holders. Includes free general support and free software updates as they become available.

License Terms and Requirements

Trial Periods
The RC-WinTrans Professional Edition and Machine Translator add-on can be activated for a trial period. There is no trial period activation for the RC-WinTrans Translator Edition.

No license is reqired to activate RC-WinTrans or the Machine Transltor add-on for a trial period. A valid email address must be entered.

Internet Access
Access to the Internet is required while activating or deactivating a license to enable communication with the license server.

Single-User License Terms and Activation
A single-user license allows two installations of RC-WinTrans to be activated and used at any given time. The second installation is intended for work in parallel on a second machine or as a fallback option for the license holder. Licenses are activated by entering your license key in the Licensing dialog in RC-WinTrans.

Note: A license can be configured to allow more than the two license activations at any time if required. Please contact to inquire about pricing.

Deactivating or Moving a License
A license can be deactivated in order to use RC-WinTrans on a different computer. The Licensing dialog box in RC-WinTrans has a "Deactivation" button to deactivate a licensense and make it available for installation elsewhere. RC-WinTrans does not have to be uninstalled in order to deactivate a license or to activate one on another machine.