Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

The RC-WinTrans localization environment comes integrated with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications™ (VBA). VBA is a complete development environment with editor and programming code debugger for developing and running VBA macros. Macros can be used to combine the powerful RC-WinTrans COM Object Model with a wide range of existing COM components to create new, custom solutions to support and improve your software localization enterprise.

RC-WinTrans is already equipped with several VBA macros. These are primarily macros with specific functionalities that also have an open code so that they may be customized if desired. Examples of these include macros for word counts, check functions, reports, and command line support for RC-WinTrans that can be extended with one's own customized commands to give the command line support maximum flexibility.

Customized VBA macros can be created with the VBA Editor that is provided and the event handler can be used to catch events fired by RC-WinTrans so that these macros can be included in RC-WinTrans' activities and processes.