Add-ons are program utilities that enhance a primary program. In RC-WinTrans, it is a software component that extends the application's functionality.

Technically, an RC-WinTrans add-on is a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications™ (VBA) macros file (file extension = .macro) that has at least one procedure implemented which is to be executed. The functionality is coded using VBA and can do virtually anything a user (third-party manufacturer or needs it to do in order to extend RC-WinTrans' capabilities to suit their particular requirements.

RC-WinTrans add-ons extend RC-WinTrans' existing capabilities to carry out specialized tasks and functions not already included in the application. Add-ons can have their own menu in RC-WinTrans to access the specified functionality (see figure below). The integration is seamless and can be realized with a minimum of time, cost and effort thanks to RC-WinTrans' advanced technological design.

Example of commands added to RC-WinTrans' "Add-On" menu as a result of enabling a particular add-on.

RC-WinTrans add-ons are easy to activate and the functionality that they supply is accessed directly through the interface with the addition of relevant commands to RC-WinTrans' "Add-On" menu (see figure above).

Examples of Add-Ons Implemented for RC-WinTrans
Add-ons have already been successfully integrated into the RC-WinTrans localization environment to accommodate specialized functionality. Existing add-ons already implemented for use are described below.
  • Excel Import/Export
    An add-on for exporting data as an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) and importing text data from an Excel spreadsheet (.xls). (More information: add-on online help...)
  • TMX Import/Export
    An add-on for exporting data in TMX format and importing text data from a TMX file. Dialog boxes for specifying options are added to RC-WinTrans along with two functions for process automation. (More information: add-on online help...)
  • Machine Translator
    Extends RC-WinTrans' functionality to access machine translations via the Internet. (Product details: add-on online help...)
  • Maximum String Length Check While Editing
    Alerts the user when the maximum string length for a selected text item has been exceeded while the text is being edited. A "Length Check" window shows whether the currently selected translation unit meets or exceeds the maximum string length specifications. (Product details: add-on online help...)
  • Extra Functions
    Extends RC-WinTrans with a set of functions created to accommodate certain user requests and suggestions. The add-on is available for free. The VBA source code can be be viewed and modified. (Details: add-on online help...)
  • File Converters
    File converters are used to enable the translation of file types not already supported by RC-WinTrans. File converters can be supplied to RC-WinTrans as VBA macros to read and write a certain file to be translated.
Obtaining an Add-On
Creating an add-on is a programming task that can be done with Visual Basic for Applications using its integrated development environment. Support packages for implementing custom solutions are available for purchase and general inquiries may be directed to