RC-WinTrans is used by successful businesses in a variety of industries all over the world. From Windows single- and multiple-language resources to ActiveX controls, RC-WinTrans has proven its worth by meeting the diverse demands of countless localization projects for over 10 years.

One example of RC-WinTrans' adaptability is the customized add-on that we developed for the company PeopleSoft (California, USA) for the localization of Form files with a resource format specified by PeopleSoft. Other companies such as Volkswagen or MAN Roland (Germany) use RC-WinTrans to translate resource files into up to 21 different languages for machine control and monitoring / dealer supply software. Some software products, such as those from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Germany) and ANCA (Australia), are noteworthy because they have developed their own set of dialog box controls based on Microsoft's ActiveX technology. RC-WinTrans is currently the only localization tool available for software projects that make use of ActiveX controls in dialog box resources.

Our distinguished customers include: