Sales Office
Orders from the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia/New Zealand or other countries not in or around Europe are processed by our U.S. office in Seattle, Washington. Information on our European sales office can be found here.

All questions regarding sales and ordering inquiries may be directed to us by:
  • e-mail at
  • telephone at 1-206-935-5070 (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PDT/PST).
Products and Prices
A price list for RC-WinTrans products can be found in our online shop and on the order forms provided below.

Submit your order for RC-WinTrans using one of the following methods: Security
The online shop uses SSL to encrypt customer data which is then conveyed to us by encrypted electronic mail ( The data is never stored on the server or transferred unencrypted.

All prices are given in US Dollars, the currency used for all purchase transactions made through North America.

Washington State sales tax (10%) will be added to all orders from within Washington State (USA). There are no other applicable taxes or fees on RC-WinTrans products or services.

Accepted Payments
The following payment methods are accepted:
  • wire transfer to our bank account in the USA
  • check (made payable to North America)
  • credit card (MasterCard/VISA/American Express)