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22.06.2017 11:03:34

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I get the following error when opening a project:

Error: -2146824579 Msg: Unknown error 0x800A0E7D Description: The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context.
COpenXLIFFFilesystemDBbased::Init: Data file could not be extracted from database! Language: "fr"; File: "Z:\DEV\Tech_Doc\Localization\Translation projects\IFS 4.17\UI\Source Files\Assemblies\ViewEventLogs.dll"
Error (305): The data file (DOM) could not be loaded: "fr."

Please can you tell me if the database is corrupted, and if it can be fixed?
I have already generated the target files for this project, so if the database cannot be fixed, can I retrieve the translations?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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23.06.2017 12:11:12

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Hello Pascale,

the french data for the file "ViewEventLogs.dll" are corrupt and cannot be fixed.

To restore your project (the data) you can do the following:

1. remove the file "ViewEventLogs.dll" from the project. Close/Reopen the project.
2. add the file newly to the project
3. - import the translations from the/a translated (fr) target file or
- import the (fr) data from a previous version/copy of your project

Note (!): Removing the file from the project removes also the data for other
target languages (!) in the project (for this file).
Make a copy of the current project to import the data for other languages
from this copy after the file has been added newly.

We can do this for you if you want: Send us your project database (.fsmdb), the source file "ViewEventLogs.dll" and the translated DLL. -> support@schaudin.com

Support, Schaudin.com
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Error -2146824579 when opening project

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