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06.12.2016 09:41:42

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I have changed all the settings to RTL that I could fine but is it possible to display dialogs as RTL within RC WinTrans?
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12.12.2016 10:46:36

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Displaying RTL and mirrored layout woks only when using an Hebrew or an Arabic Windows system.

It's because RC-WinTrans is not making own RTL displaying. To display the dialog in the editor
a Windows standard dialog is used. Therefor the ability to show a mirrored layout depends on the Windows system.

> I’m working on Hebrew and I have over 200 dialogs ...
Change the style an then use "Apply to all dialogs" to set the style for all ~200 dialogs.

Work with RC-WinTrans on an Hebrew machine of check at least the translated application on
on the appropriated target system

Support, Schaudin.com
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Home » RC-WinTrans Support » Display dialogs as RTL for Hebrew

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